Buckinghamshire Record Society: publishing historical texts, calendars and indexes
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Members are entitled to one free copy of any volume published during the period of their membership and may also purchase copies of previous publications still in print at reduced rates.

Membership of Buckinghamshire Record Society runs from 1 January until the 31 December each year, and costs £15.00.

Paying by PayPal

New Membership

Fill in the membership form [Word document], and send it as an attachment to the email address specified. (No signature is required.)

Click the Pay Now button. Your new membership will last until 31 December this year. You can then renew it using the Subscribe button.

Membership Renewal

If you joined last year, and have been reminded to renew, you can renew by clicking the Subscribe button. This will start a recurring subscription that will be taken each year until either you cancel it or you ask us to cancel it. Alternatively you can set up a standing order (see the membership form).

Paying by cheque

Download and print the membership form [PDF document], fill it in and sign it and send it with a UK cheque to the postal address specified. You can also fill in the Standing Order part of the form and send it to your bank or use Internet banking to set up a standing order yourself.