Buckinghamshire Record Society: publishing historical texts, calendars and indexes
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  1   The Minute Book of the Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends for the Upperside of Buckinghamshire, 1669–1690
  2   The Cartulary of Missenden Abbey, Part 1
  3   Early Buckinghamshire Charters
  4   A Calendar of the Feet of Fines for the County of Buckingham, 7 Richard I to 44 Henry III
  5   A Calendar of Deeds preserved in the Museum at Aylesbury
  6   Calendar of the Roll of the Justices on Eyre, 1227
  7   Episcopal Visitation Book for the Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1662
  8   Subsidy Roll for the County of Buckingham Anno 1524
  9   The Cartulary of Snelshall Priory
  10   The Cartulary of Missenden Abbey, Part 2
  11   The First Ledger Book of High Wycombe and Borough of High Wycombe: Second Ledger Book, 1684–1770
  12   The Cartulary of Missenden Abbey, Part 3
  13   Ship Money Papers and Richard Grenville's Note-Book
  14   Early Taxation Returns. Taxation of Personal Property in 1332 and later
  15   Luffield Priory Charters, Part 1
  16   The Letter-Books of Samuel Wilberforce, 1843–68
  17   The Certificate of Musters for Buckinghamshire in 1522
  18   Luffield Priory Charters, Part 2
  19   The Courts of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1483–1523
  20   The Letters of Thomas Hayton, Vicar of Long Crendon, 1821–1887
  21   Buckinghamshire Contributions for Ireland, 1642, and Richard Grenville's Military Accounts, 1642-1645
  22   The Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus 1798
  23   The Autobiography of Joseph Mayett of Quainton (1783–1839)
  24   Buckinghamshire Probate Inventories, 1661–1714
  25   A Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Buckinghamshire, 1259–1307, with an appendix, 1179–1259
  26   Descriptions of Lord Cobham's Gardens at Stowe, 1700–1750
  27   Buckinghamshire Returns of the Census of Religious Worship, 1851
  28   Buckinghamshire Dissent and Parish Life, 1669–1712
  29   Inquests and Indictments from Late Fourteenth Century Buckinghamshire
  30   Buckinghamshire Glebe Terriers, 1578–1640
  31   Recollections of Nineteenth Century Buckinghamshire
  32   Index to Probate Records of the Archdeaconry Court of Buckingham, 1483–1660, and of the Buckinghamshire Peculiars, 1420-1660
  33   The Household Book (1510–1551) of Sir Edward Don of Horsenden
  34   The Buckinghamshire Eyre of 1286
  35 and 36   The Winslow Manor Court Books, Part I, 1327–1377, and Part II, 1423–1460
  37   The Safe Duke: Selected County Correspondence of Richard, Third Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, 1861–1889
  38   Stoke Mandeville Wills and Inventories 1552–1853

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