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Volume 33 The Household Book (1510-1551) of Sir Edward Don of Horsenden

edited by Ralph A. Griffiths 497+liii pp (2004)

Sir Edward Don lived in Buckinghamshire, but his father, Sir John Don, was of Carmarthenshire stock. Sir Edward’s Household Book reflects the life and interests of an influential Anglo-Welsh knight during the reign of Henry VIII and is a significant source for the history of the English and Welsh landowning classes of the time. Its daily record details Don’s personal and household expenditure, his public and private activities, his tastes and travels, and it reveals much about his religion, his life in Buckinghamshire, his relations with London and the court, his travels in south Wales and the Midlands, his bringing up of two daughters, the weather, and his attitude to his approaching death. The introduction discusses the growing importance of the Dons and Sir John’s service to Edward IV and Henry VII.

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